New York University (NYU): 2023 Requirements, Scores & GPAs | CampusReel (2023)

New York University (NYU): 2022 Requirements, Scores & GPAs

This is the go-to guide for getting into New York University (NYU). We suggest you read until the end... Not only will we layout the exact GPA and test scores you should aim for when applying to New York University (NYU), but we’ll also offer creative ways to help your application stand out from the pack. We breakdown New York University (NYU) statistics better than any article out there and show you how these have changed over time. Also, make sure to check out New York University (NYU) on CampusReel to see what it’s really like here.If you're interesting in transferring to New York University (NYU), the read our transfer guide.You can also use the below calculator to help determine your likelihood of acceptance at New York University (NYU)

What GPA Do You Need To Get Into New York University (NYU)?

New York University (NYU)’s average GPA is 3.62. New York University (NYU) does require GPA.This average GPA means New York University (NYU) is very selective. Often times, schools in this range are trying to increase their selectivity and “prestige”. We can’t read the minds of New York University (NYU) application readers, but they likely want to increase the average GPA from 3.62 to 3.8 this year - to play it safe, we recommend striving for the 3.8 GPA.

*BEFORE CONTINUING PLEASE NOTE: GPA and “prestige” DO NOT mean a college is right for you. New York University (NYU) may seem amazing on paper, but you may hate it... That’s why 700,000 students transfer colleges every year - they end up going to the wrong school. It’s crucial to watch the videos on CampusReel and make sure you can envision yourself on New York University (NYU)’s campus. These New York University (NYU) admission statistics do not sufficiently tell you what a college or university is like.

What Is New York University (NYU)’s Acceptance Rate?

Last year New York University (NYU)’s acceptance rate was 32.07. However, check out how the acceptance rate has changed over time.

As you can see, New York University (NYU) is a little easier to get into than last year.

Acceptance rate alone does not indicate your likelihood for getting into New York University (NYU) - it’s a very high level understanding of the true competition. Use the acceptance rate as a general guide for curating a list of 10-15 schools that fall into different ranges of competitiveness. Then, use the below data to get a deeper understanding of how your application will compare to the rest of the pool.

Acceptance Rate32.0 %28.0 %32.07 %
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Does New York University (NYU) Require Test Scores?

New York University (NYU) requires that you either take the SAT or ACT. See the table below for how New York University (NYU)’s accepted students have performed on both tests. You may be wondering how many test scores should you submit. Generally, don’t freak out about taking the test too often. Industry consensus is that you can submit up to 6 tests as a reasonable limit.

New York University (NYU) SAT Requirements

New York University (NYU)’s average SAT score is 1365 - this is the sum of the math and reading portions of the SAT (the 1600 scale). Check out the below table for a deeper look into how students performed - it’s also very interesting to look at the average test score over time. The trend over time helps give insight into whether New York University (NYU) is getting more or less competitive.

25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage
2019 Total125014801365
2018 Total---
2017 Total---

New York University (NYU)’s average SAT score is 1365. To be a competitive applicant for New York University (NYU) your SAT score should come close to the average. If you’re closer to the 1250, you’re likely going to have a tougher time getting accepted. To consider New York University (NYU) a “target” school (one that you are likely to get into) you should aim for a score of 1480.

Will You Get Into New York University (NYU)?

Calculate Your Chances

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New York University (NYU) ACT Requirements

New York University (NYU)’s average ACT score is 31. To be a competitive applicant for New York University (NYU) your ACT score should come close to the average. If you’re closer to the 29, you’re likely going to have a tougher time getting accepted. To consider New York University (NYU) a “target” school (one that you have a good chance of getting into) you should aim for a score of 33.

25th Percentile75th PercentileAverage
2019 Total293331
2018 Total---
2017 Total---
Will You Get Into New York University (NYU)?

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How Hard Is It To Get Into New York University (NYU)?

As you can see from the data above, New York University (NYU) is difficult to get into. Not only should you be aiming for a 3.62 but also SAT scores around 1365.

New York University (NYU) Requirements

Now you know where you need to be for getting into New York University (NYU) from a grade and test score perspective. Let’s quickly outline what else you’ll need to provide for your application to get reviewed, and then we’ll move onto the most important section: differentiating your app.

School RankRecommended
School RecordRequired

How to get into New York University (NYU)

Follow these steps to maximize your chances of getting into New York University (NYU). Everything you read above will help prepare you for what you need to achieve to have a shot at New York University (NYU), but these steps will take you even further in applying that knowledge and differentiating your application.

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Main Academic Excellence that is in line with New York University (NYU) admission standards.


  1. Score at least a 1365 on the SAT or 31 on the ACT.
  2. 2

  3. Maintain a GPA of at least a 3.62.

Join Extracurriculars that Align with New York University (NYU)’s Values.


  1. Join your school band, a sports team or another group activity. If New York University (NYU) values music heavily, for example, then try to participate in an organization related to that topic.
  2. 2

  3. Volunteer in your hometown. New York has tons of ways to be involved beyond just the college. New York University (NYU) wants applicants that are also good ambassadors for the school - they want students who will give back to the local community and broader New York area in general.
  4. 3

  5. Spend your summer doing something that speaks to your values, personal growth, leadership qualities and other less quantifiable characteristics. New York University (NYU) needs to see past your test scores and grades - they need to know that you will be a valuable and contributing member of their community. You are more than grades and test scores - your experiences should demonstrate that.
  6. (Video) New York University | Full Review 2023-24 | Aditya, Master's degree, Mech. Eng. (GRE Score 323)

Prepare Your Application


  1. Write a stellar essay that shows New York University (NYU) something they can’t figure out from the other parts of your application. For a detailed guide on writing the best college essay, check this out.
  2. 2

  3. Get teacher recs that speak to your character. If you know what you’re majoring in and include that in your New York University (NYU) app, try to have at least 1 recommendation from a teacher in that department.
  4. 3

  5. Apply Before the Deadline. Too many students wait until the last minute to submit their application, and too much can go wrong during this precious time window. Since many students are applying on the last day, it’s possible that New York University (NYU)’s own system crashes. Don’t risk the added stress this can cause - submit your app a few days early.

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