Nutrition software for nutritionists, personal trainers and gyms (2023)

Nutrition software for nutritionists, personal trainers and gyms (1)

Nutrition software for nutritionists, personal trainers and gyms (2)

The nutrition software for first-class and efficient nutritional advice

Nutrition software for trainers, consultants and studios

Nutrition coaching made easy. The state of the art nutrition software as a game changer for your business.

Offer your customers individual nutritional advice easily and fully automatically and look after them holistically and efficiently. With the nutrition software, you can simplify your customers’ everyday nutrition thanks to smart nutrition plans, wholesome recipes and tailor-made shopping lists. Digital via app and fully tailored to your customers and their needs. Best of all: Everything with your personal branding and your own logo!

Nutrition software for trainers, consultants and studios

Nutrition coaching made easy. The state of the art nutrition software as a game changer for your business.

Offer your customers individual nutritional advice easily and fully automatically and look after them holistically and efficiently. With the nutrition software, you can simplify your customers’ everyday nutrition thanks to smart nutrition plans, wholesome recipes and tailor-made shopping lists. Digital via app and fully tailored to your customers and their needs. Best of all: Everything with your personal branding and your own logo!

Digital support

Anytime and from anywhere.
Smart, online, holistic.
Easy and intuitive to use.

Quality algorithm

Automated nutrition planning.
Scientifically sound and detailed.

Time saving

Your time is your money.
Optimize your processes effectively.
Efficiency in advice.


Boost your coaching business.
More time for more customers.
More sales = more profit.

Coaching dashboard

Central customer management.
Manage your codes and clients.
Track their progress and achievements.

Customer app

Plans, recipes, shopping lists, tracking.
Best user experience.
Highest customer loyalty.

Your own branding

White label concept.
Your logo, your colors, your design.
Strengthen yourself as a brand.

Marketing advantage

Can be integrated into any consulting offer.
Competitive advantage in your industry.
Advise holistically.

Your direct access to the nutrition software

We want you to try Natty Gains before you decide.

Free of charge - without registration - non-binding.

Nutrition planner, recipe database and nutritional value analysis in one nutrition software

Save time. Generate new sales. Care holistically. Delight your customers.

Take your nutritional advice business to a whole new level. The use of our nutrition software and nutrition app brings you several advantages at once.
The nutrition software simplifies your work processes as a coach and relieves you of the complex work of creating nutrition concepts. This saves you several hours of work per customer and when researching suitable recipes. Consider goals, everyday routines, eating habits, tastes, budget and much more. Also give your customers access to your own nutrition app and strengthen your customer loyalty with a digital tool that your customers always have with them. This is modern, efficient and effective nutritional advice for today.

Nutrition software features

The all-in-one solution for your digital nutritional advice

The nutritional software offers you a wealth of options to effectively help your customers reach their goals with a clear structure in your nutritional coaching. Depending on your specific coaching approach and the needs of your customer, you can use the nutrition software including the app in different ways.

From the creation of personalized nutrition plans to the recipe database and shopping lists to food tracking based on extensive food databases: With the nutrition software, you as a nutritionist, fitness coach and personal trainer can simplify and optimize your work processes in nutrition coaching many times over.

Personalized meal plans

Quickly, easily and flexibly create individual nutrition plans with delicious recipes for your customers - personally tailored to goals, physical requirements, everyday life, types of nutrition, food intolerance, budget, sport, cooking time, food exclusion, meal distribution, etc.

(Video) Nutritionist & Personal Trainer - Career Insights (Careers in Health & Fitness)

To the nutrition plans

To the nutrition plans

Shopping lists

Let your customers create fully automated shopping lists for freely selectable periods based on the nutrition plan, which can be accessed digitally in your nutrition app and as a PDF. This makes it easier for your customers to shop if the shopping lists can simply be ticked off digitally.

To the shopping lists

To the shopping lists

Recipe database & personalized cookbook

Simple, healthy and delicious recipe ideas en masse - for every diet, for every taste, for every day. Thanks to intelligent search and filter functions, you can quickly find the right meals for your customers and integrate them into the nutrition plan. Give your customers access to their personalized cookbook and never let them be without inspiration again.

To the recipe database

To the recipe database

Nutrition log

Let your customers keep a digital nutrition diary with the nutrition software to analyze the current nutritional situation. Gain important conclusions about eating behavior and make the necessary adjustments to make your nutritional coaching even more effective.

To the nutrition log

To the nutrition log

Food tracking with food databases

Access an extensive food database with thousands of foods when food tracking and recording your own meals. If an entry does not yet exist, simply create it with its nutritional values ​​and access it again and again.

To the food tracking

(Video) Exercise, Nutrition, and Health: Keeping it Simple | Jason Kilderry | TEDxDrexelU

To the food tracking

Nutritional analysis

A nutritional analysis gives you and your customer information about the current nutritional situation and identifies any nutrient deficiencies or undersupply. Nutritional analysis is an important procedure, especially in nutritional advice, which you can easily and digitally map with the nutritional software and app.

To the nutritional analysis

To the nutritional analysis

Medical history

Use the nutritional software’s digital anamnesis form to record the current and target status of your customers. Based on this, nutritional concepts are created for your customers with just a few clicks, which you can check again and then release to your customers.

To the medical history

To the medical history

Customer management

You can manage your customers' accounts via your trainer dashboard and view their nutritional plans and progress. You can also manage the codes of your customers and the codes that are still available here. The dashboard is your central point of contact for customer management.

To customer management

To customer management

Calorie and nutrient calculator

Use the calorie calculator to easily calculate the calorie requirement for your customers, or enter the self-calculated, individual calorie and nutrient goals of your customers directly. This information then forms the further basis for the creation of individual nutrition plans.

To the calorie calculator

To the calorie calculator

Progress control

Regular updates on the customer's current weight and eating habits give you a precise overview of their individual progress. With these clues, you can go to the next consultation and make further adjustments to the nutrition plan.

To progress control

To progress control

(Video) How To Do Nutrition Coaching | Steps For Personal Trainers

Nutrition app for your customers

We want to make your nutritional advice a success for your customers.

That's why our nutrition software also includes a separate nutrition app for your customers. This gives your customers a digital tool within their coaching that accompanies them in their daily diet and allows them to achieve their goals faster and more efficiently. The personalized nutrition app that we set up for you is ideal for this.

White Label Nutrition App!

`White Label´ means that the Natty Gains app is fully branded to your coaching brand. It appears in your look & feel. Your customers perceive it as your own app.

How to make Natty Gains your own nutrition app:

  • Your logo as an app icon & for PDFs
  • Your colors & photos - adapted to your branding
  • Own system to manage your customers

Information about the nutrition app

Information about the nutrition app

Nutrition software for nutritionists, personal trainers and gyms (13)

Explanatory videos for the nutrition software and customer app

Step-by-step instructions for all features and functions

We are constantly developing the Natty Gains nutrition software and the nutrition app for your customers in an agile way. With these regular updates, we not only continuously improve the existing functions, but also add new functions and features. As a result, your opportunities to offer your customers simple, targeted, healthy, holistic and useful nutritional advice are constantly increasing. We have created explanatory videos on all relevant topics so that you can keep track of how to use the software, customer management and the customer app.

Nutrition software video tutorial

With our step-by-step explanation videos, learn how to register a new customer, create individual nutrition concepts, generate detailed nutrition plans, how food tracking works, create recipes and meals and much more.

We will also show you how, as a trainer, nutritionist, online coach and fitness studio, you can use the nutrition software to set up effective online coaching and how to manage your customers.

Here is the video tutorial

Live Demo: Discover the new way of nutritional advice

Intuitive user experience. Modern design. Smart features. Own branding.

With Natty Gains you get access to the most powerful nutrition software for coaches, nutritionists and fitness trainers as well as your own branded nutrition app for your clients. This allows you to provide nutritional advice for each individual customer super easily, in detail and efficiently, and to provide your customers with individual nutritional planning directly on their cell phones.

With the dashboard for coaches, trainers and consultants you have summarized all important information in one place. Manage all your customers, their nutritional data and their nutritional plans under "My customers". Create a customer profile for each customer, go through the anamnesis form for your customers and plan their diet, analyze their eating behavior and gain valuable conclusions for your next nutritional consultation. Under "My Codes" you can see the codes you have booked with us, how they are made available, how long they are used and how they are assigned to your customers. Create your own individual recipes under "My Recipes", which you can easily integrate into your customers' nutrition plans and manage your customer profile with us under "My Profile".

Give your customers - via their personal login - access to your own nutrition app. Your customers can view their individual nutrition plans, their wholesome recipes and meals, the tailor-made shopping lists and much more at any time, track their food and thus control their entire diet in a targeted manner.
You want to test all features? Then log directly into our demo accounts and convince yourself of Natty Gains.

(Video) Nutrition and Fitness Software for Health Coaches

Dashboard for coaches und trainers

Take a look around our example dashboard and click through the My Customers, My Codes, My Recipes and My Profile sections. This is how you organize your digital nutritional advice.

Nutrition app for customers

Go directly to the nutrition app view, go through the anamnesis form, look at the exemplary nutrition plan and click through the different areas, just like your customers would.

Experiences with the nutrition software and nutrition app

This is what our customers say about the nutrition software and their own nutrition app.

Customer satisfaction is our drive. Whether nutritionist, coach, studio owner or fitness trainer, we are constantly in close contact with our customers and stand for strong support and agile further development. We want our customers to be able to run their nutritional advice business effectively and successfully. This also includes their end customers successfully achieving their nutritional goals. Only then does Natty Gains really make sense.

The experiences of our customers are the valuable basis for the further development of Natty Gains

Therefore, ideas and suggestions are always welcome and new features and functions are continuously developed efficiently based on our customer feedback. The focus is always on the utility of our customers and their end customers, their user experience and the quality of the software. We aim to provide you with strong added value for your nutritional advice and ultimately to maximize the nutritional success of your customers

David BachmeierNutrition coach from Mengkofen

"Ideal tool in the care of my clients, which saves me several hours of creating a nutrition plan, and that with a really smart solution! The super prompt support from Jannik also leaves nothing to be desired. If you don't use Natty Gains in the nutrition area, it's your own fault! "

Pamela ChancePersonal trainer from Bremen

"I can recommend Jannik's nutritional software to every trainer and nutritionist. As a personal trainer and nutritionist, the software supports me in creating nutritional plans for my clients. My clients like that the nutritional plan makes it easier for them to incorporate healthy nutrition into their everyday lives ."

Chris SchorppPersonal Fitness Coach from Markdorf

"Top software that makes working with our clients much easier for me. The software offers the best flexibility in the customer's everyday life. Recipes can be moved, filtered searches... I wouldn't want to do without Natty Gains in my daily work anymore."

Simone BenzingStudio owner from Langenselbold

I am happy to use this comprehensive and intuitive nutritional software for my clients. It offers great added value. The Natty Gains team around the founder Jannik responds to individual customer requests and continuously optimizes the software for even more efficiency and possibilities. Fast, customer-friendly and reliable support. I can recommend it unreservedly. I am very happy with the software and support.

Scientifically based. Tried and tested in everyday nutrition. Successful in use.

Made by coaches for coaches. Health-oriented and based on real food. On a scientific basis and in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Ingo Froboese developed. Already in use thousands of times. This is state-of-the-art, digital nutrition advice with quality software based on the most precise and powerful algorithm of its kind. This is also reflected in the positive testimonials and reviews from our customers. Convince yourself.

More experiences from our customers

Your direct contact to us

Contact form

You have a specific question or suggestion and would like to write to us directly. Then send us an e-mail via our contact form and we will reply to you by e-mail as soon as possible. We are looking forward to your input.

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What software do nutritionists use? ›

Nutrium is the best nutrition software for professionals to manage their business while focusing on their clients' success.

Can personal trainers Write nutrition plans? ›

In most circumstances, anyone other than a Registered Dietitian (RD) or a licensed physician, is not legally allowed to prescribe meal plans. This means that you should not provide a detailed meal plan to your client and indicate that they must follow that meal plan.

How do you keep track of nutrition clients? ›

Luckily, there are countless apps for easy food tracking that will benefit your clients and streamline how you guide them on their journey.
  1. MyPlate. ...
  2. LifeSum. ...
  3. MyFitnessPal. ...
  4. WaterLogged. ...
  5. Substitutions. ...
  6. ShopWell. ...
  7. Nutrium. ...
  8. NutriAdmin.
Dec 23, 2022

How do I create a diet plan as a nutritionist? ›

Follow these steps to design a diet plan for weight loss that's specifically structured to support your lifestyle, goals, and habits.
  1. Step One: Avoid Calorie Counting Diet Plans. ...
  2. Step Two: Calculate Your Macros. ...
  3. Step Three: Find Foods That Fit. ...
  4. Step Four: Stock Up on Recipes. ...
  5. Step Five: Set an Eating Schedule.

What is the best nutrition database? ›

The Best Commercial Food Database and API

MyNetDiary food catalog is the most complete, accurate and up-to-date nutrition database in the English-speaking world. We use our food catalog for high-quality calorie counting and nutrition analysis delivered to the millions of our diet app users.

What is nutrium software? ›

Nutrium was created to bridge the gap between conventional nutritional counseling and what real-world nutrition professionals need. It brings together everything you need in your practice.

How much should I charge for a nutrition plan? ›

Being able to provide clear instructions and resources for their specific nutritional needs will leave little room for error and simplify the process for your client. Depending on how you set up your meal plans and program you may be able to charge anywhere from $150 to $400 a month per client.

Can you sell meal plans as a personal trainer? ›

In most cases, yes, it's fine to guide your personal training clients through thoughtful meal planning and prep. Just be aware that there are lines you shouldn't overstep, such as giving advice related to medical conditions.

How do personal trainers make meal plans? ›

Can personal trainers prescribe meal plans? No, a personal trainer whose qualifications lie in common personal training fitness and nutrition certification cannot prescribe meal plans. This is especially true if you are a personal trainer in the United States.

Do you have to pay for nutrition coach app? ›

Our app is free to download and to use for regular features. If you wish to go further you can use the Premium version for the advanced features.

Whats a good app that keeps track of what you eat and the nutritional facts? ›

Healthline's picks for the best nutrition apps
  • MyPlate Calorie Counter.
  • PlateJoy.
  • MyFitnessPal.
  • Yummly Recipes & Cooking Tools.
  • Lifesum: Healthy Eating.
  • Ate Food Journal.
  • MyNet Diary Calorie Counter.
  • Noom.

What is the 20/20 rule nutrition? ›

The rules are fairly simple: Take a small amount of food onto your fork or teaspoon but ensure it is no bigger than the size of a 20 pence piece. Chew each mouthful thoroughly until it is a pureed consistency (at least 20 times, but can be more for fibrous foods) before swallowing. Stop eating after 20 minutes.

What's the difference between a dietician and a nutritionist? ›

As opposed to dietitians, who are qualified to diagnose eating disorders and design diets to treat specific medical conditions, nutritionists deal with general nutritional aims and behaviors. Nutritionists are often employed in schools, hospitals, cafeterias, long-term care facilities, and athletic organizations.

How do I market myself as a nutritionist? ›

How to Promote Yourself As The Nutrition Expert In Your Community
  1. Individualize, individualize, individualize. ...
  2. Deliver a clear message. ...
  3. Use personal examples. ...
  4. Ask for testimonies. ...
  5. Take a lesson in marketing. ...
  6. Don't sweat losing people to the latest fad.

What is the best nutrition website? ›

Web Sites for Reliable Health and Nutrition Information
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
Aug 26, 2013

Is there an app that tracks all nutrients? ›

The Fooducate app is a free iPhone and Android app that gives users nutrition grades for foods based on their content. It also provides tips on making healthier choices and tracks the user's progress over time.

What is the best website for nutritional data? › is a USDA-sponsored website that offers credible information to help you make healthful eating choices.

What is nutritional analysis software? ›

What is nutritional analysis software? Nutritional analysis software allows you to track the nutrient composition of meals and recipes and receive an analysis of the dietary habits of an individual.

What is the name of the online diet planning tool developed by dietitians of Canada? ›

About is a bilingual, award-winning website brought to you by Dietitians of Canada. is here to help Canadians connect with a dietitian and find the nutrition and food information that they need when they need it.

Do I need insurance as a nutritionist? ›

As a nutritionist, you regularly interact with people, so having insurance in place to mitigate this kind of risk could prove useful. Your professional, treatment and public liability insurance can help with costs.

How much do nutrition coaches charge a month? ›

Most coaches offer two sessions per month, and the session time ranges from 45 – 60 minutes. New coaches that are just starting out charge around $50 – $75 per session. More experienced coaches charge $100 – $200 per session. There are also coaches that charge by the package ($1,200 – $2,400) so there is quite a range.

How much is 22 days nutrition? ›

Price. 22 Days Nutrition offers two subscription options for its meal planning program. You can purchase a 3-month subscription for $39, or $3.25 per week, which provides access to an extensive recipe library. The company also offers a 12-month subscription for $99, or $1.90 per week.

Can a personal trainer give macros? ›

Yes, they can — with proper training and some important caveats. It's a hot debate: Can personal trainers, health coaches, and other non-RD professionals give nutrition advice to their clients? You'll be surprised (and relieved) to hear: Yes, to a degree.

What can you write off as a personal trainer? ›

27 Tax Write-Offs for Personal Trainers & Fitness Instructors
  • 🏋️ Training equipment. Write it off using: ...
  • 🧘 Gym membership. Write it off using: ...
  • 🎶 Music streaming services. Write it off using: ...
  • 📜 Courses & certifications. ...
  • 📅 Appointment booking software. ...
  • 🌐 Website & hosting fees. ...
  • 💬 Advertising. ...
  • 📱 Social media tools.

Do I need to 1099 my personal trainer? ›

Since your trainees are individuals, not businesses, they won't be sending you a Form 1099-NEC. But you're still responsible to report earnings on your tax return and pay taxes throughout the year with quarterly estimated payments.

Can nutritionists give meal plans? ›

Many dietitians develop customized nutrition plans for each client to promote healthier eating habits. Dietitians not only create meal plans for their clients, but they also provide education and knowledge on how to make appropriate food choices in any situation.

How much do the highest paid personal trainers make? ›

Keep in mind that this salary is an average. According to the BLS, 10 percent of fitness trainers and instructors earn less than $22,960 per year. On a more positive note, the top 10 percent had earnings of $75,940 or higher.

Is it hard to make a living as a personal trainer? ›

The average income for an entry-level personal trainer is $16.70 per hour or about $34,000 per year. The average for all trainers is about $42,000, with only the top 10 percent exceeding $76,000. (Those numbers go up or down depending on where you live and work.)

How do I make my own food journal? ›

Hays shares six items a basic food diary should include:
  1. Food. Write down the specific foods you eat throughout the day. ...
  2. Portion size. Include specific amounts of the food you eat. ...
  3. Time. Note the time of day you eat. ...
  4. Place. Another factor that helps identify your patterns is tracking where you eat. ...
  5. Hunger level. ...
  6. Feelings.
Jul 6, 2022

How do you do nutrition logs? ›

When keeping a food diary, some basic rules to remember are:
  1. Write everything down. Write everything down, no matter how small it seems.
  2. Do it now. Don't rely on your memory at the end of the day. ...
  3. Be specific. Record your food exactly how you eat it. ...
  4. Estimate amounts.
Jun 4, 2020

How do you organize your nutrition? ›

Hint: Organisms obtain their nutrition from food or a balanced diet of different molecules like- Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins. As we know that nutrition is an essential mechanism in organisms. As important as the bodily movements, breathing mechanism, excretion process etc.

What certifications do I need to be a nutrition coach? ›

Requirements include a Bachelor's degree in a relevant health field, with a Master's degree in Dietetics strongly preferred; a Health Coaching Certificate from a recognized credentialing organization, 3-5 years of experience; and knowledge in current evidence-based methods of health coaching.

Is a certified nutrition coach the same as a nutritionist? ›

A nutrition coach and a nutritionist have similar functions, except that a nutrition coach does not have to have a degree in nutrition to practice, but they do need some sort of certification or accreditation.

Which is better cronometer vs MyFitnessPal? ›

We like the ease of tracking with MyFitnessPal slightly better than Chronometer, but they are both good. Chronometer holds an edge over MyFitnessPal when it comes to customizing settings and how your nutrition is calculated. With all that in mind, we call it a TIE.

What software do dietitians use for diet planning? ›

Best nutritionist software solutions you can use are Nutrium, Nutriadmin, Nutritics, Nutritionist Pro, DietMaster Pro, and Healthie.

What software does a food processor use? ›

The most common food processing software solutions include: WMS (Warehouse Management System) MES (Manufacturing Execution System) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

What is the use of food and nutrition software tools? ›

Nutrition Analysis software can be used in food service and food manufacturing industries to calculate nutritional values for menu items and recipes, generate nutrition and ingredient labels, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

What is HMR software? ›

Hot Module Replacement (HMR) exchanges, adds, or removes modules while an application is running, without a full reload. This can significantly speed up development in a few ways: Retain application state which is lost during a full reload. Save valuable development time by only updating what's changed.

Is there a nutrition database? ›

FoodData Central is an integrated data system that provides expanded nutrient profile data and links to related agricultural and experimental research. At this time, only a basic view of search results is available for viewing on mobile devices.

How does Optavia software work? ›

The Optavia diet is a low calorie, reduced carb program that combines packaged foods, homemade meals, and personalized coaching to encourage weight loss. The program offers several plans to choose from, all of which involve a mixture of packaged Optavia Fuelings and homemade entrees known as Lean and Green meals.


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