[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (2023)

When hordes of zombies are all around you, having resources is your number one priority in any shape or form. With varying areas and places to go, one must know if the area they are heading to has sufficient resources to carry anything of value. There are ways to determine the efficiency of the area, such as the distance of traveling to said area, the items stored there, and most importantly, how much it will impact your game.

When looting, you can go to any place and search around, but for effective looting, it’s better to go big or go struggling. Given the size of the map, there is plenty of space to cover, and depending on where you spawn, going back and forth for tiny crumbs of survival items isn’t going to cut it long term. Therefore, there game prominently displays key points of interests that the game prominently shows, making your decision to prioritize vital depending your situation a time, resource, and manpower. With that said, this list aims to show the best places to loot in the world, and while it may not be easy to loot, neither is surviving, so let’s get you up to speed on where to go and loot for maximum efficiency.

For this list, the list is made at the time of the games’ latest version (ver. 41.78 Steam) and is based on my experience in a friend-hosted multiplayer server, and items listed are from the vanilla version of the game, meaning no mod items are included. The areas looting pattern is based on a multiplayer run, but is possible with a solo run. Points in Louisville will be omitted from this list as that is the usual end game area where resources are plenty. This list is a subjective list with no particular order

10. Rosewood Fire Department

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (1)A fireman should always be prepared for anything, and weapons, first aid, and firefighter clothing are of value here in this place.

Why is the Rosewood Fire Department Great?

One does not need to think too hard why this place is a great candidate for looting. Necessities of fire fighters lay here waiting to be picked up by survivors as they have no use for them anymore, granted that they’ve turned into one of them. Rosewood Fire Department provides the following benefits:

  • Variety of supplies – Various loot such as tools, melee weapons, and medical supplies.
  • Good base option – Location and structure of the area make it a great base.
  • Chance of firefighter clothing – While irrepairable, they offer very good protection from zombie bites

When you think of fire fighters, you cannot forget about the gear they possess when they’re in duty; from their PPE like their firefighter jackets to the axes they use to break down doors, medical supplies for the victims they rescue, and breaching tools like the Sledgehammer. All of these now just sitting in a shelf or a container, collecting dust, waiting to be used.

This building offers a lot of loot, so don’t expect that looting this place is a cakewalk; groups of the living dead are guaranteed to be loitering around within its vicinity, from former employees who turned while in the middle of their shift to fellow survivors who had the same idea as you to loot the station but failed, so one must be wise when raiding this place.

If you have already finished your agenda for visiting the fire department or are thinking about what to do next once you get what you need there, there is a police station nearby that makes your trip to the fire department much more worthwhile.

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How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle with high storage capacity
  • Park near the garage if possible
  • Clear all the enemies within its vicinity before looting
  • Open the garage and park your car on the inside to secure your safety once you begin to load your loot
  • Search all the lockers, toolboxes, metal shelves, and cabinets
  • (Optional) Pack a lot of food if you’re coming from a faraway place

How to Get to Rosewood Fire Department

  • From where you are, head to Rosewood
  • Once you enter Rosewood, keep following the main road going down until the end
  • At the end of the road, take a left turn, entering the parking lot of the fire department

9. Farming & Rural Supply Store

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (2)With resources like food soon to become scarce, being able to plant and farm your own fresh produce is a must, and this place is a must to loot.

Why is the Farming & Rural Supply Store Great?

Man cannot live on just canned goods alone, and having the farming necessities for much healthier food is invaluable. Having a designated farmer or just simply learning to farm by yourself reduces the chances of you putting yourself at risk of getting eaten as you can now provide fresh vegetables in your base.

  • Farming essentials – Has items from seeds to gardening tools.
  • Guns and ammo – This supply store has a gun locker inside.
  • Farming skill books – Can hold Farming Vol (x) for faster experience gain.
  • Near other good looting spots – Police station, doctor’s office and a food market are all within reach.

Located in a town called Fallas Lake, north of Rosewood and south of Riverside, is a long distance, but don’t let that discourage you; as stated, being able to farm and produce crops is an essential asset now that the world has come crashing down and the new masters are the living dead who roam the town.

The treasures here waiting to be looted on focus on farming, as the name implies: seeds of vegetables like cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes; tools like watering cans and weapons like rakes and garden hoes, plus a gun locker inside, which is a good added bonus once you do visit.

Raiding the Farming & Rural Supply Store isn’t a walk in the park; Doe Valley may seem like just a small town, but it deceptively holds a vast number of zombies. It’s better to be prepared before you head off into this place.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with plenty of storage space.
  • Bring food and water for the long trip
  • Park near the entrance for convenience
  • Clear the area of zombies before looting

How to Get to the Farming & Rural Supply Store:

  • From Rosewood, head up north to the main highway
  • Go straight and keep heading north
  • Take the first left asphalt road you see
  • Follow the road until you reach the T intersection
  • Turn left and keep following the asphalt road

8. Storage Lots

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (3)No one is going to outbid you on this storage find. The storage lots contain many important survival items, most notably, the Generator for post-grid power.

Why are the Storage Lots Great?

A variety of valuable loot rests here, granted, you need to access their insides and unravel the mysteries that were left here, but that itself only adds to the fun of why you’re barging in here and raiding the items of the owners who were once alive.

  • Generators – Storage Lots for sure contain generators inside.
  • Miscellaneous loot – Loot ranging from clothing to paint, furniture to disassemble, etc.
  • Essentials – Guns, melee weapons, tools.
  • Leveling stats – Being able to disassemble the many things here increases skill points

Storage Lots aren’t that hard to come by as there is usually one in the starting locations except for Rosewood, if you’re ever struggling to find something you need or cannot decide where you can maximize your looting trip, visiting these storage lots can help you rest easy as you are guaranteed to walk away with something valuable.

Whilst every world generated is randomized, possible loot that you can find here varies from things like vehicle parts for upgrades, tools that can be used as weapons or repairs, furniture to disassemble for leveling up your skills, generators for powering up your base, and other buildings once the power cuts off, raiding these Storage Lots are definitely worth your while.

Speaking from my playthroughs, going here is never a dull moment as it makes you feel like you’re a kid who can’t wait to unwrap their birthday gift; excited to see what kind of sweet present they’ll be able to play with.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with plenty of storage space.
  • Prepare a Hammer to break the metal shutters
  • Park somewhere near the entrance or somewhere clear
  • Eliminate nearby threats before you start looting
  • Once you kill all zombies park your car inside the storage area
  • (Optional) Bring a Sledgehammer to break the low fence in one of the lots in Muldraugh and West Point
  • Search every storage room for loot

How to Get to the Storage Lots:

  • For Muldraugh there is a small one next to the auto shop along the main highway
  • Also in Muldraugh, there is one behind Sunstar Hotel along the main highway
  • Also in Muldraugh, there is one behind the office complex southeast inside of the town
  • For Riverside, it is located behind the factory near the auto shop
  • For West Point, it is located near the Warehouse east of town

7. Book Stores

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (4)Just because it’s the end of the world doesn’t mean you have to stop learning, as raiding these book stores will do wonders for your skill levels.

(Video) The BEST Spawn & Where To Loot - Project Zomboid Beginner guide

Why are Book Stores Great?

In real life and in the game, knowledge is power. Books, especially the ones that provide skills, are a great asset to have as you gain experience boosts, which can cut down time when you’re grinding for a certain skill.

  • Skill books – Guaranteed to house skill books
  • Boredom killer – Regular books remove Boredom debuff that can lead to unhappiness and cause actions to be slower
  • Easily accessible – All starting locations have one

With how tedious grinding experience for skills like Farming, Mechanics and Carpentry can get, having experience boosts for these are a life saver, an example of this is when you’re playing as a mechanic an experience boost is already provided to you, but being able to amplify it even further is a big help to contribute for you and your allies.

More skill books mean you’ll be able to do so much more for your community as well. Being a jack-of-all trades in the end times is no doubt invaluable, imagine playing as a doctor who knows carpentry and fishing, or a police officer who’s also a master forager and farmer, the possibilities are endless.

While some book stores may not have all the volumes you need for a certain skill book, you can rest easy knowing that there is one that most likely has that book you’re looking for, so don’t sleep on these libraries and give these places a go.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle preferably with good to high storage capacity
  • Make a list of books you have to see what you need
  • Kill zombies in the area for safe looting

How to Get to the Book Stores

  • For Muldraugh, it’s beside the minima ll located in the main highway to the south
  • For Rosewood, it’s along the main highway, located across the supermarket
  • For Riverside, it’s across the toy store, along the main highway
  • For West Point it’s found across the town hall and the bank

6. GigaMart

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (5)Let’s be real: one of the better places to go when a zombie apocalypse hits is the supermarket, and with the games’ equivalent GigaMart, you should have most of what you need here.

Why is GigaMart Great?

The obvious reason GigaMart is great is that it has a lot of resources. GigaMart will always be a good backup for tougher times as long as you don't immediately raid and consume the entire place in one go, but it will still benefit you for the following reasons:

  • Lots of canned goods – Guaranteed to keep you fed in-game
  • Plenty of things to disassemble – Wooden shelves and iron pieces can be broken to more resources
  • Possible base location – Some GigaMart’s are good as a base

When the world becomes zombified, you won’t have anyone growing you any food or serving up that delicious meal when you get hungry, which is why the shelves lining up in these supermarkets contain food that is crucially non-perishable. This allows you to take food on your own time, whether it’s 10 minutes from getting it, or beyond 10 in-game months, without causing it to rot and be bad to eat, provided it hasn’t been opened yet. This is especially important for the games’ winter season, as the snow makes growing crops impossible, making canned goods the way to survival.

Outside of that, the GigaMart can carry other stuff, such as perishable food, magazines, cleaning supplies, etc., making this your big bank of help for as long as it contains something useful. Speaking of useful, if the shelves have been cleared out, you can disassemble them to get wood, perfect for building a perimeter around the base, or maybe even the GigaMart itself, should you choose to have it be your home for the apocalypse.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle preferably with good to high storage capacity
  • Have a Hammer and/or ready for disassembling wooden shelves for wood
  • Have a Welders Mask and Propane Torch ready for metal disassembly
  • (Optional) Have bags ready if you want to organize the loot
  • Kill zombies in the area for safe looting
  • Load the hauled loot into the cars

How to Get to GigaMart

  • For Rosewood, it’s along the main highway by the right side
  • For Riverside, it’s in the middle part of town
  • For West Point, it’s found at the right part of town by the main highway

5. Doe Valley Military Surplus

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (6)While this is one of many military surpluses in the game, this one stands out as it’s in the middle of nowhere, relative to the contents of the area storing guns, ammo, and clothing being plenty.

Why is the Doe Valley Military Surplus Great?

Having access to some crucial guns is important for the late game, and if you haven’t lucked out on the guns at the local police station, this should work out well for you, as the area in Doe Valley is also home to these benefits.

  • Guns and ammo – This supply store has a gun locker inside.
  • Military radio – Allows you to hear emergency broadcasts for weather updates
  • Near other good looting spots – farming store and an auto repair shop are all within reach.

Looting the military surplus here would also be the same as any other military surplus, where the usual chance of a mob being spawned because an alarm went off is possible. This is a bigger gun store with a side chance of getting some fresh clothing and other materials, such as a tent to sleep in, for accelerating time.

(Video) The BEST Weapons & Where To Find Them - Project Zomboid

The big highlight here would be the big, hulking, battery-looking radio that is on top of the tables and that, when powered and dialed to the correct frequency, would give you a radio signal at every specific times to let you know if it will rain, snow, or fog in the days to come.

With all that said, this is the easier of the surpluses to go to, and if you want more guns than you ever need, you’ve come to the right place.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with plenty of storage space.
  • Bring food and water for the long trip
  • Park near the entrance for convenience
  • Clear the area of zombies before looting

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • From Rosewood, head up north to the main highway
  • Go straight and keep heading north
  • Take the first left onto the asphalt road you see
  • Follow the road until you reach the T intersection
  • Turn left and keep following the asphalt road

4. Pharmahug

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (7)Medical care is important when you put yourself in grave danger, and where better to find medical equipment like painkillers and vitamins than a pharmacy.

Why is Pharmahug Great?

Let’s say you got a little too close for comfort with a zombie and your character has Laceration and Bleeding on the status, this place should have all the meds and patching tools you need in one go, making it a one-stop shop for all things survival for the things below.

  • Medicine – Painkillers, Beta Blockers, and Vitamins are here
  • Gloves are possible here – Surgical gloves allow you to pick up broken glass without inflicting self-damage
  • Disinfectants – Adhesive bandages, Disinfectants, and similar items stop an infection from worsening

A key survival commodity in health care, this has most of the things you need such as the medicine listed above but goes beyond it for the things you can occasionally get caught on. If you happen to climb into a house with a broken window, the broken shards can get your character cut, reducing your movement by a little bit or by a lot as you’ll be limping to your possible doom.

Pharamhug should carry some tweezers in some med kits as well as needles and threads for patching up deep wounds that can otherwise bleed you to death, and any death is bad for you and your progress. What point is a doctor or a dedicated medic in the world if you can’t have the tools necessary

Other than that, you’ll also find small things like books and magazines in the lobby/waiting areas for boredom reduction, making this trip to the hospital an emergency you shouldn’t often rush to.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with high capacity
  • Clear any zombies that may be around the perimeter
  • Search the lockers, cabinets, and other storage areas for items
  • Put the items in the car trunk or personal inventory/bag if you wish to use it anytime

How to Get to Pharmahug:

  • Head to West Point
  • Follow the main road going right on the world map until you see the urban part of town
  • Continue until you see the building with the sign

3. Auto Shops

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (8)Self-explanatory on what is on offer, but if you want the best chance of fresh tires, engine parts, and car tools, finding one is a priority.

Why are the Auto Shops Great?

The simple reason for going to auto shops is car repair, or the ability to do said task. While this isn’t going to be someone’s priority, the person running the Mechanics perk will definitely want to go here for these reasons.

  • Engine parts – Used to repair engines
  • Fresh tires and battery – Unused parts gives 100% condition out of the gate
  • Vehicle-specific tools – Tools to repair cars are likely hidden here
  • Mechanic skill books – Can hold Mechanics Vol. (X) books for faster leveling

Looking at the game state, this is best to grab early, as you’ll have less of a chance of zombies piling up the steel shutters, and a higher chance of getting a vehicle you want repaired and usable for the foreseeable future. The most likely parts you’ll find here are car batteries and tires, both of which are brand new and ready to be put on whichever vehicle class they are designated for.

While you may not have to use it yet, the building has a chance to get a Jack, Tire Pump, etc., with varying quantities per auto shop, all necessary to perform any vehicular surgery. If you happen to be lucky, there are also possibilities for Engine Parts to be available, which can be used in any form of vehicle.

(Video) BEST PLACES and LOCATIONS to find GUNS and AMMO | Project Zomboid

The rarer finds here will be the skill books for Mechanics, specifically Mechanics Vol. (X) with the X being replaced with numbers 1-5, depending on your luck. While the games’ random nature doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get any book in order, it’s nice to have the chance to get one just in case you want to be the server’s pit crew in training.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with high capacity
  • Clear any zombies that may be around the perimeter
  • Close the steel shutters and windows if they aren’t broken
  • Search the lockers, cabinets, and other storage areas for items
  • Put the items in the car trunk or personal inventory/bag if you wish to use it anytime

How to Get to the Auto Shops:

  • Find a building with steel shutter/s and a car bay inside
  • For Rosewood, it’s below the gas station on the top side of the town map
  • For West Point, it’s the area on the far right of the town
  • For Muldraugh, it’s located below the massive warehouse by the main highway

2. West Point Gun Shop

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (9)With the highest chance of getting good-quality weapons, as the name suggests, this is a good looting area in every sense of the word.

Why is the West Point Gun Shop Great?

The importance is in the name, guns are a plenty in a gun store, and depending on where you are in the world, this will be a point of interest regardless. This is a good place to grab some attention, which is about as straightforward as the benefits below.

  • Gun and ammo loot – A gun is guaranteed here
  • Open area for kiting – Space is plenty if ever an alarm goes off
  • Near a possible base option – The bar below it is a really good base option

A gun, and its ammo are always in dire need, especially in the later stages, so it’s never a bad idea to go to the gun shop in West Point. Again, this is a perfect looting area for any would be survivors, as behind those barred walls lie some good guns and ammo, waiting to be used in a horde, which is highly possible given its niche death trick.

As a barricaded area, you’ll need to break the fences down in order to get the guns in, and that’s no easy feat, considering you’ll definitely need a Sledgehammer to bust through that iron curtain and retrieve the guns. Sounds easy, right? Well, the problem here is that there may be a chance to trigger an alarm, and if that happens, you better get the guns and put them to use asap if you wish to get the stuff unharmed.

Outside of that, you can also choose to have it as an alternative gun locker if you happen to like being a West Point resident, as the bar Twiggy’s below the area is big enough to be your next living quarters with generous spacing between it and the gun locker, making it a point of interest for both tactical and practical use. The choice will be dictated by where you start, and so if you are from anywhere outside West Point, this will be a trip to gun heaven, while for those in West Point, this is your new storage spot for all things loud.

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • For those outside West Point, prepare a vehicle or two with high capacity
  • Prepare an unused Sledgehammer to break the iron fence
  • Park as close to the front door while retaining space to move
  • Clear any enemies in the parking lot while the other players loot inside
  • Search the building for guns and ammo
  • Load said loot to your vehicle parked outside
  • (Optional) Pack a lot of food if you’re coming from a faraway place

How to Get the West Point Gun Shop:

  • From where you are, head to West Point
  • Find the main road that leads to the bar Twiggy’s on the right part of the town
  • The road will naturally turn left (upward for the global map) and stop at the gun shop

1. Rosewood Military Base

[Top 10] Project Zomboid Best Looting Areas (And How to Get There) (10)With the chance to have increasingly dense hordes on the horizon, traveling here is your wildest shot at getting better guns and bags to carry said guns.

Why is the Rosewood Military Base Great?

By far the most important, and tedious area to go to for grabbing items to stay alive is this literal hidden gem of a place. It may be a pain in the butt to go through all this hassle, but it is inevitable if you want access to the following.

  • Gun and ammo loot – Being a military base, a gun is likely to be there
  • Open area for kiting – Majority of your enemies are in the parking lot, allowing you to clear first before looting
  • Military backpack – A high-capacity bag can be found here

Your position in the world may dictate your difficulty in grabbing gear here as the place is really far down south of the world, being hell for north-spawning players while being okay for south-dwelling players. In either part of the world you reside in, the base will still be hard to navigate as the forest will be making your car slow, and even more so if you let a couple of months pass. Once you get past the trees, hidden zombies, and even more trees, you’ll be greeted with an odd paved road to the promised land, the military base hidden in the leaves, which sums up how discreet this place is.

Getting all that effort done is one thing, but looting is far easier, if you have a gun, as you’ll be clearing enemies clumped in tight corridors easily making the trail of corpses your avenue to loot extras like a better backpack if you kill a zombified soldier that it. There are many levels in this place, but the real bread and butter are the lockers and single room with a different colored door that, behind it, lies a possibility for good to average guns and a lot of ammo if you happen to be lucky or unlucky with the gun selection.

Hauling it back, you’ll have to get back to the dense forest with either a lot more or fewer zombies than the way you came from, and if the base hasn’t killed you, the way back may do just that.

(Video) The BEST Places To Loot In Louisville! A Project Zomboid Multiplayer Looting Guide For Louisville!

How to Loot Here Effectively:

  • Prepare a vehicle or two with high capacity
  • Prepare an unused Sledgehammer to force entry in the gun area
  • Park as close to the front door while retaining space to move
  • Clear enemies in the parking lot while the other players loot inside
  • Search all lockers as they likely hold guns/ammo canisters
  • Bring all the loot to the front door to maximize transfer time
  • Load said loot to your vehicle parked outside
  • (Optional) Pack a lot of food if you’re coming from a faraway place
  • (Optional) Have an Axe ready in case your car can’t navigate the narrow forest

How to Get the Rosewood Military Base:

  • From where you are, head to Rosewood
  • Take the intersection left moving left of the global map
  • Once you see an odd road going left (down on the global map), take that road
  • Trial and error the routes of dirt trails until you see a paved road
  • Once you see a gate, drive inside and park close to the military base entrance

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Where are the best loot locations in Zomboid? ›

High-tier loot is also pretty common in Muldraugh, with most of the community agreeing that Muldraugh is the best when it comes to high-tier loot and late game potential.

What is the best place in Project Zomboid? ›

Rosewood is probably the easiest starting location in the game as its small size and rural location guarantee a low zombie population. There are a few isolated farmhouses outside the town that make good starting bases, and a construction site in the south-west that's a great spot to find building supplies.

Where are the best weapon spawns in Project Zomboid? ›

Your best bet is the same place you'll find the better firearms: the gun store, shooting range, police station, and military base.

What is the hardest spawn in Project Zomboid? ›

West Point is the most difficult spot, with high zombie populations.

Is Lucky worth it in Project Zomboid? ›

Project Zomboid best traits: Which should you choose? With a 10 percent higher chance of finding rare loot, lucky is my absolute favorite trait.

What happens if you get too bored Project Zomboid? ›

As innocuous as this may seem, boredom in Project Zomboid can lead to unhappiness, and if your character's unhappy, they'll perform actions slower than usual.

What does F do in Project Zomboid? ›

Vehicle Radial Menu
FToggle Vehicle
N or WStart Engine
4 more rows
Jan 23, 2023

Is the an end goal in Project Zomboid? ›

In Project Zomboid, the player aims to survive for as long as possible in an apocalyptic and zombie-ridden area around the city of Louisville, Kentucky - referred to as 'Knox Country' - which has been quarantined by the government.

What is the biggest city in Project Zomboid? ›

You're almost in the middle of the map and you will surely have all the loot you need to travel and survive if you can manage the zombies. Louisville - biggest city with most loot and most zombies.

What is the best armor in Project Zomboid? ›

Military boots provide the best armor and stomp damage. Any hard helmet provides the same armor level. And this doesn't provide armor, but a shells ammo strap is useful for shotguns/maybe revolvers to improve reloading. Put together, you have the best armored items in the game.

Can you avoid the helicopter Project Zomboid? ›

How to avoid the Project Zomboid helicopter. If you're concerned about getting caught as the helicopter flies over unannounced, you can use a radio to find out when this event will happen. To do this, you'll need to use a radio to tune into the Automated Emergency Broadcast System, or AEBS.

Is Fort Knox in Zomboid? ›

Knox Country, formerly Knox County, is a partially fictional area where the events of Project Zomboid take place. The map is heavily based off of the real-world area around Fort Knox and Louisville in northern Kentucky, USA.

Can you get a katana in Project Zomboid? ›

Buildings. The best place to find a katana is in a boarded up survivor house. Very rarely the katana can be found in residential buildings in furniture such as wardrobes and drawers.

Does the helicopter land in Project Zomboid? ›

Even if you run inside, the helicopter will remain overhead, attracting the undead to your hiding spot. If you've been spotted by a helicopter and are being followed, get yourself far away from any building you're using as a base so you don't draw zombies to your home.

What is the best AXE in Project Zomboid? ›

A wood axe is the best choice when chopping trees. It does 55 damage per swing. For comparison, a regular axe deals 35.

Do saws break Project Zomboid? ›

Saws have no durability so one can be used infinitely.

Can you get nightmares in Project Zomboid? ›

The player can also be awoken by extreme hypothermia/hyperthermia or if the vehicle they are sleeping in is attacked. A player can also wake up due to a nightmare. There is a base probability of 5% of having a nightmare, but the probability increases the more stressed the character is.

Can you survive a scratch in Project Zomboid? ›

If you see sickness moodles and do not have food poisoning or a general infection listed in the health menu, but you do have a scratch, laceration, or bite from a zombie, you are infected and will die.

Does queasy mean infected zomboid? ›

Finally, Queasy can be an early sign that the player has been infected by the Knox Virus, and will soon turn into a zombie. Project Zomboid's zombie plague is irreversible, so Queasy survivors who have recently received a bite or laceration may only have a few hours to live.

Can you get fat in Project Zomboid? ›

In addition to gaining underweight traits from losing too much weight, if the player reaches a weight of 35, they will begin taking damage until some weight is gained. This is usually very rare, however, it can be caused by eating only fruits/vegetables for long periods of time.

Can you live after being bitten Project Zomboid? ›

Is there a cure for zombie bites in Project Zomboid? The short answer is no. Unless you or the owner of the server you're playing in turned the setting off, bites are 100% fatal every time. If you get bit, that's it, game over.

What is the best starter class in zomboid? ›

If you're a fan of base-building and abhor previously lived-in structures, starting as a carpenter is your best choice in Project Zomboid. It's a simple class, one that starts you off with three points in carpentry.

Is sawed off shotgun good in Project Zomboid? ›

The sawed-off shotgun is nearly identical to the shotgun but weighs less (2.5 instead of 3.0) and fires its pellets in a wider cone. This can make it a better emergency weapon than the shotgun because it is less of a burden when not being used and more likely to hit multiple zombies at close range.

How good is fast learner in Project Zomboid? ›

Fast Learner – 130% XP for all skills except Strength and Fitness. Despite there being the exception of Strength and Fitness, this trait allows you to learn everything else quicker. Although it costs a lot of points, this trait gains value the longer you're able to survive, and it quickly pays itself off in my opinion.

What do gunshots mean in Project Zomboid? ›

For example, the gunshots heard and the helicopter passing overhead are metagame events. Currently however, the player can't find who fired the gun or where the helicopter went. The dead will still follow the sounds, sometimes passing (or eating) the player, originating from somewhere off-screen.

Is there God mode in Project Zomboid? ›

At the top of the Debug Menu, select 'General Debuggers' and then select 'Moodles and Body' in the next window. From there, you can scroll down and find the God Mode option which can be selected. It sits next to the options to turn invisible and become a ghost too.

Can you become a zombie in Project Zomboid? ›

Infection or Zombie Infection is a lethal disease transmitted by the blood or saliva of a zombie during an attack; zombie infection is fatal over 3-4 days. There is no cure . After death an infected body will arise as a zombie.

Is Project Zomboid perma death? ›

Yeah, this is a permadeath game. Always has been, always will be.

Does fire attract zombies Project Zomboid? ›

Fires can be started either by using an incendiary weapon such as a molotov cocktail, or by leaving a heat source on for too long. Fire will attract zombies to the location of the flames. The fire will burn down structures and will burn zombies/survivors to death.

Can zombies break tall fences Project Zomboid? ›

Project Zomboid

They are unbreakable, though zombies can see you through them and are liable to try and go around. Gates and doors can be broken, but high fences not placed by the player cannot.

Where is the best place to find a sledgehammer in Project Zomboid? ›

This means that the Project Zomboid sledgehammer locations are frequently in tool shops, warehouses, sheds, and supply rooms.

Where can I find a big backpack in Project Zomboid? ›

The large backpack can be found on reanimated survivor zombies with supplies inside the backpack. Survivor zombies can be seen in barricaded houses and among hordes. The military backpack can be found on National Guard zombies.

How do you not get bitten Project Zomboid? ›

If you don't want a zombie to bite you, don't show too much skin. Wearing shorts, tank tops, or no clothes at all greatly increases your chances of not just getting bitten, but also taking all kinds of damage. Wear a full set of clothes whenever you can to prevent early deaths.

What is the biggest bag in Project Zomboid? ›

The best Backpack in Project Zomboid is the Military Backpack, it has the highest weight reduction and capacity however there are some great alternatives.

Can you find belts in Project Zomboid? ›

Belts are most commonly found in bedroom wardrobes and shelves in clothing stores. They may also be found in kitchen counters.


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