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Reviews of Local Water Softener Installers

Culligan of Northern Virginia


The technician was rude.and scruffy He connected the water softener to the Radon out take pipe instead of to the water line and after that forgot to connect the water softener. He had NO IDEA what he was supposed to do.

- Lorna G....

National Water Service Corp


They were very prompt. It was satisfactory. I would call them again. The water softener service was $185.

- Kathryn T....

WaterBoy LLC


We hired WWW to do a system check . The crew came out at the appointed time and called ahead. We didn't really understand the components of the system but they explained everything thoroughly. They tested the water at the well and the tab and recommended to disconnect one of the cylinders. They replaced a few broken clips without charging extra. We are very happy with the work performed

- Carsten S....

F.H. Furr Plumbing Heating AC & Electrical


All done! Installation went well, placed in a good location that gave me more room in the area. Instructed me how to operate the unit along with safety instruction. Excellent job!

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- Barbara R....

Crystal Clear Pure Water Services


I called him late and he immediately came when he heard I had a leak. He said he would be there when I got home and he was. He was very polite and professional. He disconnected the water softener because there was water that leaked over the carpet. He was fast, professional and left the place clean. He took the time to show me where my shut off valves were because I didn't know. He is a good worker. I called several other providers and to finally find someone that works on water softeners is a great relief. I thought the price was fair. He did fall through on finishing up by not coming back to remove the water softener like he said he would

- Esther H....

Lowes Plumbing Inc


Overall, very positive experience with Lowe's Plumbing. Every person I worked with - scheduling, initial estimate, work and follow up question - were all were responsive and professional.

- Elizabeth U....

Parrish Services Inc


The installer was on-time, courteous, and professional. We very satisfied with the installation and product.

- Letitia M....



They were prompt and performed the work in short period of time and left the area where they worked spotless. Pleased with the results - our water tastes better, we use less detergent, soap and shampoo. And, we think the new appliances we recently installed will last longer with the system in place.

- Pamela S....

Integrity Water Solutions


I called Integrity Water late on a Monday evening in desperate need of having a water softener system replaced the next day in order to go to close in two days on the purchase of a house. Integrity Water answered the call after office hours and I received a call back within an hour by an employee who would fit me into the schedule the next day. They called first thing in the AM to confirm the time of the appointment and called when they were in route (an hour ahead of schedule). They were extremely professional, pleasant to deal with, honest, and flexible. Their unit was a bit more expensive then the one we would have purchased through another company. But their flexibility, timeliness, and professionalism made the transaction worth every penny. We were able to go to close on schedule because of them

- Kemba E....

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Runyon Pump & Well Service


Fantastic! Robert and crew are the best - very honest and reliable. Last year they replaced our Water Softener and installed a Neutralizer.

- Ruth G....

Pristine Water Treatment


Pristine came to my house to give me a bid for a water softener installation. The initial bid was very high and included services I was not interested in. I expressed that so he gave me another bid for a less expensive unit. On the bid he added a "discount" of $400, although the bid did not indicate what the discount was for. I decided to accept the bid and hire them, but when I emailed them later to asked them to requote the job with their 10% military discount, I was told by Pristine that I already received a $400 discount so they would not be giving us the military discount. When I asked what the initial discount was for, I was told that it was for "easier install since we will not need as much time or materials." That is clearly not a discount, that is just a lower bid for less labor and material costs. This was clearly a way for them to avoid giving a military discount to 2 veterans. I believe Pristine to be unethical and I think this is a shady business practice. I did not give them my business

- Lynn R....

Culligan Water of The Triangle


Our old Culligan softener wasn't working properly. Tony T came out and told us they didn't make parts for the old unit so we needed a replacement. He worked with our schedule to arrange a date for the replacement. Tony T was awesome! Totally professional, courteous and helpful. The work was preformed efficiently. Tony explained the unit thoroughly. I showed him the hard water stains on our shower doors and recommended a product to help get rid of the stains and the product really worked! He also said that the new unit would eliminate the hard water stains in the future. I would give Tony T 6 stars if I could! Since we are long term Culligan customers, Culligan gave us a generous discount on the new unit

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- Maria V....

Mr. Rooter Plumbing of Northern VA


They did a good job. There was a slight leak after it was installed and they came out first thing the next morning and repaired that. Their follow through was excellent. The person I dealt with was excellent, we have no complaints.

- Patti A....

Lowes Plumbing Inc


Initially they came on site to check on a previous water softener that they installed 12 years ago. After some discussion, it was determined that the existing system needed to be remediated or they could replace it with a new system that was more efficient. I opted for the new system as it had a better monthly savings due to less cost of salt for the systems. From my decision to install, it took about 1.5 weeks. Jim from Lowe's showed up to my house and installed the new system within 30 mins. Did an excellent job. He walked me through the system and was then on his way. Very happy with the installation and setu

- Anthony P....

Culligan of Northern Virginia



- Philip E....

Solutions in Aqua Services/American Water Pro


They were very helpful determining the capacity of the system needed and explained all the technical details. The installation went very well. This was the neatest plumbing job I have ever seen. Everything was labeled and easy to operate. The softener works great. We are very satisfied.

- Max W....



This is the closest company in our area that deals with the type of water softener that we use. I am satisfied with the quality of work that is provided. I do plan on staying with Roaring Spring Water in the future.

- Pete S....

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Solutions in Aqua Services/American Water Pro


They were very quick to respond to me and when they came and take a look at my water softener for me... When he looked at it he told me that he could just fix the water softener and save me $2000.00 on replacing it... So he fixed it and it is still running very well for me today... Between this service provider and the other I had to come out and look at the job. This service provider had the most knowledge about what he does then the other and that is why I chose them.. The gentleman that came out has two patens to his record. So that makes him the best to do any water work that you would have to be done around the house.. Also they have gained a long time customer with helping out the way they did.

- Arthur B....

Len The Plumber, LLC.


He did a very thorough and professional job with the estimate. He was very honest and told us we did not need a new water heater. He saved us a lot money and was very efficient. I had no problem scheduling the estimate and they showed up on time.

- Nicole B....

Culligan Water Conditioning of Winchester VA


It went great. Install and subsequent followup with one minor change to hose for refrigerator was done very promptly and professionally.

- Ronald S....

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