What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (2023)

Updated on March 05, 2010

S.C. asks from Mankato, MN

9 answers

We're selling our house and I'm looking for ideas of what to do with our kids (3 1/2 years and 8 months) and two cats while showing our house. We live in Minnesota, so it's still pretty cold and we don't have any neighbors we know well. To make things worse, we have a showing scheduled during nap time when we have a babysitter! Any suggestions on how to handle the kids and cats or how to wor around kids' schedules would be appreciated.

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So What Happened?

The babysitter crated the cats and stuck them in the furnace/storage room and took the kids to the mall. We paid her extra! Then the realtor put a note to not have showings during my son's nap time (daughter's afternoon nap time is then too). It worked out for the one showing and I think we've got solutions for future showings too. Thank you everyone for the suggestions and support.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (1)

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't have a good answer for you, but i am sympathizing with you because I recently sold my house and had the same issue! The very best thing to do is to leave the house with the kids and cats. Buyers don't want to look at a house while the owner is there and they don't care for animals being around either. I know it is difficult, i just drove around with my 2 kids and dog every time we had a showing. My house sold very quickly and part of it was that we left the house. Sorry i don't have a better answer. Good luck!

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (2)


answers from Indianapolis on

There are 2 things you can do.

1. Don't accept showings during those times. You always have the option of saying yes or no. You can explain through your realtor that it's not a good time or that you'll be there because of naps (that they're welcome to visit), but that you and your children/babysitter will be there.

2. With the cat - we had the same issue. If it's only going to be a few minutes of showing, and you're going to be right back, put them in a closed closet or something with a post-it that the cat is in there.
You can also explain to the realtor that there is a cat in the house, to please not let it out and to leave all doors open so it isn't trapped anywhere.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (3)


answers from Jacksonville on

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We are in the same boat. I have a very social cat that would jump at the chance to meet new people or run out the door. SO we are putting our dog crate up in our daughters room. We'll put the cats in there, it will only be for a while anyway. THen they are safe.
You can specify times when you will not allow people into the house. 1-3 is off limits period. I told my realtor 24 hours. I have a dog that will bite and I want to be able to leave with the dog before any potential people come near my house.
I have moved 6 times with little ones. I have gone to the church nursery, the library, Target, McDonald's play place, the park, the mall. I have sat in my car with a movie on down the street.
I hate this part. I have three dogs, three cats, and 4 kids and I homeschool two of them.
Good luck.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (4)


answers from Seattle on

Take your kids to the library or the mall to hang out for a few hours and crate the cats. If you have a garage that will be warm enough, I would leave the cats there, also make sure you put away the cat boxes - I love cats, always had cats when growing up, but they do smell. You will not be able to notice it, but someone else will as they step into your home - nothing is quite the turnoff like cat smell! Make sure your home is well aired before the showing.
I would not worry about naptime, maybe the little one will nap in the car or stroller... if your really want to sell the house one day with a non-regular nap should be ok.
Good luck.

What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (5)


answers from Minneapolis on

I would drop them all off at a friend's house at least a couple hours before the showing to make sure you have enough time to pick up after the kids, hide majority of their toys from sight, and hide all evidence of the cats. You definitely don't want any of them there during the showing and since you're dropping them off ahead of time you can schedule a showing whenever works for the buyers since they can nap/eat/bathe at your friend's.

For this instance where the kids are with the babysitter during this particular showing...do you trust the babysitter to drive your kids? The sitter could take them to the Children's Museum. The 8 mo old is free and it's only 3 dollars for the sitter and 3 more for the 3 1/2 year old. I'm sure the older one will be so excited about everything that they could take a later nap just for the occasional showing.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (6)


answers from Jacksonville on

I know you want to show your home at every opportunity, but if your kids are napping, then I would tell the realtor that the house isn't available to be shown at that time. In fact, if naptime is ALWAYS at the same times, you could make it part of the info... "call for appt... not available for showing between 11:00-2:00" or whatever naptime is.

I would not allow the house to be shown with your kids and a babysitter there. That is a very awkward scenario for your sitter. Just tell the realtor that your home isn't available at that particular time. If they want to see it, they will figure out an alternative time... often the agent can flip-flop the list of homes, starting at the other end of their list and your home can be shown an hour or two earlier or an hour or two later than first requested.

Honestly, people are uncomfortable looking at your house with you there. They want to be able to open closets and cabinets and look around in the garage without feeling weird about it. Your presence will be inhibiting to them and affect their "feelings" about your house as a potential purchase.

As for the cat, stick it in a cat carrier and take it with you when you leave for the showings. I did this with our dog when we were selling our house a few years ago. Every time they called wanting to show the house, I loaded up the kids (4 yrs and 7 yrs) and the dog (1 yr old- so still really a puppy) into the car and drove around, or took them to the park for an hour. It was really annoying when the showing ran late (or they ended up being no-shows)... but it happens, so be ready to experience it and try not to let it get to you.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (7)


answers from Milwaukee on

I would tell your realtor that there will be NO SHOWING during nap time, it is still your house even if you are trying to sell it. Also anytime that there is a showing when the babysitter is there I would say no. People that are house hunting will find a time to see the house it they are REALLY interested in the house.

When hubby and I were looking at houses we saw two where the people did not leave (both had small children), I felt horrible because the kids were crying, screaming and upset about not being able to nap... so we rushed the viewing and since it was rushed could not make a good decision about saying 'yes we want the house' so we passed on it.

Regarding the cat, when we saw houses our realtor mentioned that there is a cat (also think there was a note on the door to remind the realtor) we did not mind but we have two cats. The cat did follow us around for awhile then disappeared. I would just leave a note on the door(s) saying that there is a cat(s) inside, but is/are well tempered. IF your cat hisses or is not well tempered around strangers then I would crate the cat and either bring with you or leave created in a room with a note that there is a cat in a crate so ignore the meowing/hissing and feel free to check out the room.

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (8)


answers from Minneapolis on

You can set 'no show' times for your house! Tell your realtor that the house is off limits during 'x' time, and stick to it. You shouldn't be there when the house is shown, it should be clean and empty when the prospective buyers arrive.

As for the cat, leave it be. He will likely hide or be pretty scarce when people show up anyway. Just put a note on the door explaining there is a housecat inside, and leave it at that. make sure the litter box is clean and there is no smell, that is a HUGE turnoff. We have two cats, so I understand. :)

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What to Do with Kids and Cats While Showing House (9)


answers from San Antonio on

I had similar issue. A couple of times, my house was showed during naptime. When they called to tell me about the showing, I'd tell them "Well my son will be napping then." and they'd let the realtor know but they still came by to see the house. The people just peeked in the room and I hung around outside in the backyard reading my book (it was summer in Texas). But in this situation, it might depend on the comfortableness of the babysitter, his/her age too, as to whether or not your house is shown while he/she is there. Talk to the babysitter about it.

My first thought was "where's the nearest chuck-e-cheese?" because that's free to enter (warm) and a few bucks if you actually play a game. Slide/climbing area are free. I got a coupon and spent $20 and now have tokens out the whazoo. They'll last me months! Wish it was warmer. I'd say just go for a walk and put the cats in a crate in the garage or something. And yes, put a post-it to let someone know that there's a cat in a cage in a certain room. Just so they don't jump if the cat meows or in case they are highly allergic.

Often, they give you a two hour window. When they call about wanting to view it, you could ask them to give you a 5 minute heads up, which they should have no problem doing. Just explain that you have two kids and nowhere to go, so you're going to drive around town or go walk at the mall, and you'd prefer to do that for 20 minutes while they view the house instead of for two hours of the window they've given you. Do you have a Chick-Fil-A? Another place with an indoor playground. Won't cost you anything unless the 3 yr old HAS to have a snack.


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Take Care of Your Pets

Consider taking them with you during the inspection or placing them in a kennel or secured area of the home. If cats or other pets are present, ensure the inspector knows this so they are not let out of the home.

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Board your pets while you show your home, especially on weekends and during open houses. Maybe ask a friend or neighbor if your pets can stay with them briefly during showings, or take them for a long walk. If the pets must remain home, ask your realtor to give you ample notice before showings.

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Keep litter trays clean

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Take them to work with you for the day (if this is an option). Hire a dog walker to remove them for showings. Ask a close neighbor to take your pet during showings. Completely move out of your home and take them with you.

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DO NOT let a kitten outside. Never allow a cat outside until it is thoroughly familiar and comfortable in your own home. This may take two to three months. Some adult cats will try to return to their old territory, usually unsuccessfully.

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1 Feb 2022

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Is Locking A Cat In A Room Abuse? It is cruel to confine your cat to a single room for no apparent reason. It's also cruel if a working cat mom confines her cat in a room while she's at work so that her house doesn't get messed up. All living creatures, whether people or animals, require freedom.

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No, you should never lick your cat. They will feel confused if you do this as your saliva has proteins and chemicals which are different from their saliva. Also, they will not appreciate it as you will mess up their fur.

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The answer to this question comes in two parts: yes, cats love the dark, so you don't need to leave the light on for them. But no, they don't have superhero-like night vision.

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Some cats have a difficult time adjusting to a new home. You may notice excessive meowing if you have just moved to a new home or have just brought a cat into your home. It is normal, especially for an adult cat, to be disoriented and unsure in a new environment.

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If your new pet wants to hide, let them, and give them some space! Never force them to come out, and always leave them alone to explore in their own time. Cats are very territorial, so they will feel a little unsettled until they can establish that this is their home.

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Again, some hissing when they see each other is normal so don't be alarmed. Some light swatting is also common. Separate them if the hissing doesn't die down after 1 or 2 minutes or if there is any sign of threat (swatting with force, chasing, screaming, ears flattened, etc.). Try again when the cats seem to be calm.


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